Your Wellbeing is Our Priorty!

Goal-Driven Fitness

One amazing part of working out at CrossFit Zionsville is that you are apart of a community. A community that is there to support you throughout your time within the gym and even when you leave! We’ve helped members lose inches off their weights and gain back the strength they’ve lost. See a few transformations by clicking the button below.

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Focus on your fitness goals

At CrossFit Zionsville, you won’t get lost in the crowd. Your wellbeing is our priority! Whether you are trying to lose weight and need help from a nutritionist or you need one-on-one care to help with an old injury, we can build a plan that works best for your needs!

Best hour of my day! Incredible group of people who are welcoming and super supportive. The coaches are high level, engaged and committed to giving you the opportunity to improve daily. Functional fitness is important at any age. CFZ has programming to help you reach your goals regardless if you are a beginner or advanced athlete. If you don't believe me.... come see for yourself!

Shelly P.

Crossfit Zionsville is an awesome place. It offers a balanced and challenging series of workouts throughout the week. Some days are intensive but with that the following days are focused on recovery, allowing for a versatile orientation of taking care of your body. don't believe me.... come see for yourself!

Clarance L.

CrossFit Zionsville should be the standard that all gyms are measured against. The member community is overwhelmingly supportive and motivating from personal life endeavors to making sure you are safe and having fun at the gym

Chris H.

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