What’s better than chocolate covered strawberries 🍓?

What are you getting for your Valentine this year?

Personally, I think dark chocolate covered almonds are better than chocolate covered strawberries…

But I digress. This is just a reminder that on Saturday 2/13, we are hosting a “Bring a Mate” Swolemate workout for you and a partner to come in and join us for a safe, fun, and effective workout. 2021 is the year we take back the reins on our health and fitness goals and we all know fitness is more fun with loved ones, friends, family, or four legged companions.
RSVP – https://syncapp.wodhopper.com/gym/128/signup/lead

Even if you still have your membership on hold, we want to see you and a loved one come and join us! This event is open to everyone but spots are filling up fast so register today or hit reply with any questions or concerns.
See you soon!

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Reminder – Saturday 2.13 is our Swole Mate partner WOD. Bring a Friend and come in for some fun! and pease remember to RSVP

MIN 1 – 10 Bench Press*
MIN 2 – 15/15 SA Banded Tricep Pull-Down
*Build to a Moderate weight.