Tuesday 1.14

Tuesday 1.14
Tuesday 1.14

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75 Double Unders
500/450m Row
25 Hand Release Push-ups
(Score is Time)

25 Empty Barbell Curls
25 Glute Bridge-Ups
25 nordic curl on ghd (use PVC pipe for assistance)

Athlete Goal – A great day to work on the highly coveted skill – the Double Under. Hit this high volume double under, row, push-up workout with appropriate scaling options to keep intensity high. Finish out the day with some solid bicep/posterior chain accessory work.

We want athletes moving through these 4 rounds today. The goal is 1:00 on the Double Unders, 2:00 on the row, and 2:00 for the Push-Ups. We’re looking for 5:00 max per round for most athletes, and those fire breathers landing somewhere 3:30-4:30. Scaling is going to be the key today to make sure that we’re staying within that desired timeframe and keeping the intensity high. The workout should be capped at 20:00.
The Double Unders have the potential to make or break this workout so choose wisely. For those who are proficient, we’re looking at 1-2 sets. For those who are working on mastering them, either dial the number back OR give athletes a 1:00 window to work in and then move on. For those without them, swap for Single Unders. There’s nothing that could derail a workout quicker than getting stressed about dubs in the beginning of a workout. For the Row, we are looking for 80% effort to complete those meters. This is a tough effort so expect the legs and chest to be burning. Last, but definitely not least, the Hand Release Push-Up. The focus is on maintaining a rigid body and plank position. It’s easy, especially when fatigued, to relax at the bottom and full body worm back to a plank – not today. We’re looking for sustainable high effort today in this workout.

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