Monday 12.2

Monday 12.2
Monday 12.2

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Muscle Group:

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MIN 1 – :30 DB/KB Bent Over Row / :30 Plank MIN 2 – :30 Fast Singles or DU Practice / :30 Push-ups


Double Unders

400m Run/500m row After Each Full Round


For the workout, get after the run/row! Settle in on a maintainable pace for the first 3 rounds. Push the pace into an uncomfortable territory on those last two and try to hold on! Aim to go unbroken on the Sit-Ups and Double Unders.


The Extended Warm Up today is a Push/Pull EMOM with light weight focused on tempo and quality of movement. Overall volume is not an issue in this Extended Warm Up. Transitions should be kept to a minimum between movements, expect to get a good burn as this Warm Up goes on.

Classic couplet, Annie, mixing in an additional monostructural movement to drastically change the stimulus. Annie traditionally is a sub 7:00 workout but when we add running/rowing, it turns into a 12:00-17:00 workout. Run/row should be completed in roughly 2:00 while keeping enough gas in the tank to push the pace on the final one.

There is a 20:00 hard cap on today’s workout.

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