Monday 1.13

Monday 1.13
Monday 1.13

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3 Kip Swings + 3 Kip Swings & Knees Up + 3 Toes to Bar

*Goal of this session is to practice progression, cycling, and connecting reps. Reduce reps as needed to complete the 3 movements.



8 ROUNDS, :20 ON / :10 OFF

TABATA 1 – Russian KB Swing (53/35)

TABATA 2 – Air Squat

TABATA 3 – Toes to Bar or Reverse Crunch

TABATA 4 – Slam Ball (20/10)

-1:00 Rest b/t Tabatas-

(Score is Each Round for Reps)

Athlete Goal – Use the Skill session to work on cycling reps for today’s gymnastic movement, the Toes to Bar. In the workout, we’re looking for fast cycle time for each movement in the tabatas. We want to maximize the number of reps in each working window so hold on for a fun ride.


Today’s Skill section is all about quality over quantity. We’re focusing on the building blocks for efficiently cycling Toes to Bar. Starting with the foundation of the kip swing, the focus is on the movement being initiated from the shoulders, transitioning back and forth from the hollow to arch positions with tension through the midline. Through the teaching and skill session, athletes will work on using the kip, engaging the lats, and working on learning to efficiently keep tension in order to string together Toes to Bar. This is a great time for coaches to help cue athletes while they practice skills.

The main goal today is fast cycle time for each movement while also using each :20 working window to accumulate as many reps as possible. Use the first 2 rounds to set the tone for the tabata – shoot to consistently hit the same numbers through all 8 rounds. This workout should be sweaty from the start of the warm up all the way through the last :20 of the last tabata.

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