8.7 – Optimus Prime

8.7 – Optimus Prime
8.7 – Optimus Prime

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Muscle Group:

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Warmup Sets
Set 1: 6 Reps @ 40% 1RM
Set 2: 5 Reps @ 50% 1RM
Sets 3-4: 4 Reps @ 60-65% 1RM
Start Working Sets of 6
Heavy Set of 6
Heavy Set of 4
Heavy Set of 2
Repeat strength session from October 26, 2018
Aim is to better your last effort slightly in each set
Here is a general breakdown you can follow for sets:
3-4 Warmup Sets
3-4 Sets to Build to Heavy 6
2-3 Sets to Build to Heavy 4
1-3 Sets to Build to Heavy 2
Wallballs (20/14)
On the Minute: 5 Deadlifts (225/155)
The workout starts on the wallballs
At the top of every minute, complete 5 deadlifts before moving back to the ball
Score is total wallballs
Choose a weight on the deadlift you can go unbroken with
Choose a wallball weight you can get 12+ unbroken reps each round
Since the workout starts on the wallballs, the first minute will be the best chance to complete the biggest set of the day
After the first round, shoot for 1-2 sets per minute
Have a goal in mind going into the workout on how many reps or for how many seconds you want to hold on for
With 45-50 seconds to work on the ball, this number is likely in the 12-24 rep range
Go unbroken for the 5 deadlift reps and transition back to the ball quickly
Make sure your barbell is relatively close to the medicine ball to ensure fast transitions

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