8.15 – Carb Day

8.15 – Carb Day
8.15 – Carb Day

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Muscle Group:

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“Carb Day”
3 Rounds:
200 Meter Run
400 Meter Run
600 Meter Run

*Equal Work/Rest Ratio

The goal of today’s track conditioning is to maintain similar 200 meter splits across each distance
For example: If our opening 200 meter took 0:45, we want the 400 meter to be double that, or 1:30. The goal for the 600 meter run would then be be triple that, or 2:15.
Rest as long between sets as the work took you
Using the above example again, you would rest :45 – 1:30 – and 2:15 respectively after each set

If unable to run
Row: 250 Meters – 500 Meters – 750 Meters
Assault or Echo Bike: 15 Calories – 30 Calories – 45 Calories
Bike Erg: 400 Meters – 800 Meters – 1200 Meters

5 Rounds For Time:
4 Toes to Bar + 3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups + 2 Bar Muscle-ups

The five rounds of this gymnastic complex are to be completed for time
Pick a rep scheme and/or variations that you can complete 1 full complex unbroken when fresh
There is also the option to shorten the total volume to 3 or 4 rounds

On all three movements, focus on leading the way with the feet
This is easy to keep top of mind, because you’ll already do it on the toes to bar
Leading with the feet on the pull-ups and bar muscle-ups help you maintain rhythm, stay hollow, and “pull” less of your body weight

If You are Subbing for Chest to Bars & Bar Muscle-ups, Complete the Following Complex:
4 Toes to Bar, 3 Pull-ups, 2 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

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