10.9 – Olympic Day

10.9 – Olympic Day
10.9 – Olympic Day

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Muscle Group:

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Week 1 theme is Decades!!

The open is coming!! This years CrossFit Open will begin on October 11th and run each Friday for 5 weeks. We will be programming the open workouts on Friday’s and running Friday Night Lights beginning at 4:30 each afternoon. This year we will be adding a little spin to the Intramural Open, each class time will be their own team, Competing for the coveted “CFZ Cup”. There will be multiple ways to earn points for you team.

  • First Place Scaled and Rx will earn 3 points
  • Second Place Scaled and Rx will earn 2 points
  • Third Place Scaled and Rx will earn 1 point
  • Dressing like the “theme” for each week will earn you points based on participation of the class
  • We will have a “non fitness related” activity that can be done by one teammate for a 5 point bonus each week
  • Each team member who attends 5 classes in the week will receive 1 point

At the end of the 5 weeks we will crown a CFZ Class Champion”

Overhead Squat
5 Repetitions @ 70%
4 Repetitions @ 75%
3 Repetitions @ 80%
1 Repetition @ 84%
1 Repetition @ 87%
1 Repetition @ 90%

One set every 2 minutes

Completing 6 working sets of Overhead Squats at increasing percentages of your 1RM
Starting with some more moderate percentages, followed by 3 heavier singles

EMOM 30:
1 Squat Snatch

For the EMOM today we will be spending the majority of the time fine tuning out squat snatch. Coaches will be giving member 1-2 things to focus on during the 30 minutes. If members would like to build to a heavy in the last 10 minutes they may do so.

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