caseyAbout Casey

Casey Good, a five-year coach at CrossFit, has always known that he wanted to help people along their health and fitness journey. As a junior in the Kinesiology program at IU, he trained at CrossFit Bloomington and immediately loved the community he found there! He decided to pursue his Level 1 certification in the summer of 2013. Casey’s CrossFit certifications include Level 1, 2, and 3, Kids, Powerlifting, and Endurance. He initially found CrossFit while he was training at another gym and realized he wanted to push himself more, and CrossFit helped him achieve more in his overall fitness. Casey’s favorite WOD is “Amanda”, consisting of squat snatches and muscle-ups, while his least favorite WOD is “Karen”, made up of 150 wall balls. After being in Bloomington, Casey came to CrossFit Zionsville in May of 2017, and now enjoys taking his dog, Grizzly, for walks and for some swimming all around Zionsville!