A Nearby Carmel CrossFit Box that keeps growing!

CrossFit Zionsville is so proud to be located nearby the beautiful city of Carmel, Indiana. Located just off of Michigan Road on Andrade Drive, our nearby Carmel CrossFit box is sure to be your new fitness home! Carmel residents, are you looking for a workout that is not only challenging, but a lot of fun? Stop by our Crossfit box and try a week free!

What is Carmel CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness program that consists of high-intensity, varied functional movements. CrossFit’s methods are proven to increase your level of fitness as well as improve your overall health, which will prepare you for anything your life in Carmel will throw at you.

If you are thinking that our Carmel CrossFit gym is only for people that are super fit, you’re wrong! CrossFit is for EVERYONE! Each workout is scaled to the level that works best for you. You do not have to have a lot of prior workout experience – our coaches will teach you the workouts and adjust them to your level. When you join our nearby Carmel CrossFit box you are committing to improving your lifestyle and our coaches commit to you.

Don’t hesitate – we would love to meet you! Come stop by one of our classes for a visit and try our nearby Carmel CrossFit box out for free! A coach of ours will say hello with a warm greeting and tell you more about the fundamentals what we do and how we do it. Don’t hesitate, come try out a CrossFit workout and see where you stand!

What does a CrossFit class consist of?

  • 15 minutes of pre-workout stretches to prepare you for the day’s workout.
  • 15 minutes of fundamentals. During fundamental training, we will provide one-on-one training that will teach you proper technique to avoid injury and maximize performance
  • 5 minute workout review in which we’d go over all of the workout’s specific lifts and movements
  • A high-intensity workout that includes elements of strength-training and cardiovascular exercises

If you are sick of traditional gym workouts that aren’t challenging nor fun, our nearby Carmel CrossFit box might be your answer. Each time you come in you’ll be introduced to new people and endure a different workout that varies day to day.
As you grow stronger, your workouts will intensify, making sure you are always up for a challenge each time you step in the box.

What to expect from Carmel CrossFit

  • Exposure to new ideas and methods
  • A supportive environment
  • Professional coaching
  • Fat/weight loss
  • One-on-one attention
  • Intense, effective workouts
  • Increases in lean muscle
  • Progress tracking
  • Nutritional coaching

How to Get Started at Carmel CrossFit

  • Step 1: RSVP to class – Let us know you are on your way in so we can make sure to properly great and accommodate for you in class.
  • Step 2: Join the family! – Looking for a place near Carmel to call your second home? Sign up for a membership at our CrossFit box. You can sign up for a number of different membership from two sessions a week to unlimited.
  • Step 3: Be a baller – You might start off with a two times a week membership, but the more consistent you are, the more in love with CrossFit you might become. You’ll quickly see your endurance increase and your heart rate go down.
  • Step 4: Get RESULTS – With working out and eating right, you’ll quickly see amazing results. Stick with it and you’ll be soon to see yourself being in the best shape of your life!

Seen videos of CrossFit and are a bit intimidated? Don’t be! CrossFitters range from teens to people in their 70s. Have an old injury that impacts your workouts? Our coaches will adjust workouts to strengthen your body while protecting it.

What to expect from our Carmel CrossFit family members:

  • Be consistent with yourself and your CrossFit training
  • Adjust your diet and aim to aake healthier dietary choices daily
  • Support and encourage others around you at the box to do their best
  • Give 100% of yourself during each Carmel CrossFit session
  • Give 100% commitment to your new, healthy lifestyle


Our words can only tell you so much, so stop by our CrossFit transformations page to see people’s amazing results through their hard work and dedicated training. Also, stop by and check out a quick video we made to get to know the family behind CrossFit Zionsville.

Have any further questions? Feel free to reach out!

We look forward to meeting you!