About Annette

Annette is one of our many amazing coaches at CrossFit Zionsville! Having been a CrossFitter for 13 years, Annette has made her impact on many people in the area. At CrossFit, Annette’s favorite WOD is “Annie”, consisting of jump rope and sit-ups, while her least favorite WOD is “Karen”, consisting of 150 wall balls. Before she found CrossFit, she was a member at a World Gym for a couple of years, until the owners closed the gym and it reopened as a CrossFit. Annette was a CrossFitter for about 6 years before she decided to become a coach in 2011 when her son and his wife opened their own gym. Annette’s certifications are Levels 1 and 2, and she has worked many hours helping people achieve higher goals to better their strength. Although Annette spends many days coaching, she also hops into classes and does the workouts. Her kind-heart and outgoing personality make her unique and welcoming to everyone who walks in the door!