aliAbout Ali

Ali Ott has done great things to help everyone in the area become fit and learn their true potential. Having founded CrossFit Zionsville in 2012, Ali has attended CrossFit for 13 years and has been a coach for 6 of them! Ali has lifted weights for as long as he can remember and he even made home-made weights and a wooden bench when he was younger so he could have a make-shift bench press! He has always been involved in athletics because he played soccer as a kid and ran track in high school, but he found his true passion for CrossFit. Ali was introduced to CrossFit in 2005 and realized that it was a perfect outlet for him. Ali moved to Indianapolis for college and got his degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, but he realized after he graduated that he wasn’t passionate about those things. When he was stressed about school and his workload, he would work out to ease this tension, and shortly after this epiphany, he started CrossFit Zionsville! Ali’s certifications include CrossFit Level 1 and 2, Kids, and Gymnastics. Over the years he has developed favorites and least favorite WODs, and he shared that his least favorite WOD was Jackie, consisting of rowing, thrusters, and pull-ups, while his least favorite is Murph, made up of running, pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats. Ali is very experienced with CrossFit and a great coach that helps people reach their goals!